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We are

Pakistan’s First App-Based Moving & Logistics
Solutions Provider

Moveit is a pioneering startup at the forefront of revolutionizing logistics through its transformative approach. Launched in 2021, the company is not only the first but also the largest on-demand inter- and intra-city service operator for businesses as well as customers.

Meet Our Team

Asad Gabol


Uzair Rehman Khan

CEO & Co-Founder

Mirza M Hassan Baig


Our Story

Our company’s story begins in 2019 when Uzair faced a logistical nightmare when relocating his home. The moving process meant juggling various services for packing and transportation, resulting in both time and financial strains. 

While sharing his struggles with his friend Hassan revealed that he, too, faced similar logistical problems in his textile business. Joined by their mutual friend, Asad, the three recognized the market gap in the logistics industry and launched Moveit!

We believe the path to human understanding starts with shared insight— seeing and hearing how another person engages with the world around them and taking in their perspective.

We continue to expand our business offering and the capabilities of our platform in ways that help companies get the customer feedback they need across all experiences so that they can act quickly and make decisions with confidence.

Founders, Moveit

Year Founded


Cities We Serve


B2B Clients


On-Demand Rides

1 Million+




With each passing year, we continue to exceed our own expectations as we expand our operations, introduce innovative services, and reach diverse audiences across various markets.

From our humble beginnings as a moving and shifting service, we have rapidly evolved into a dynamic and forward-thinking organization that consistently delivers impressive results. We are proud of our achievements and excited to see what the future holds as we continue to push boundaries and set new standards in our industry.


Become the dominant digital aggregator for intra-city logistics & be a catalyst for the social uplift of our driver-partner communities.


To empower businesses and everyday citizens with innovative logistics solutions.

Moveit’s Values


Embracing shared accountability and a ‘can do’ mindset, we prioritize solutions over problems


With unwavering commitment to transparency, we encourage stakeholders to freely question and challenge our business practices


We embrace change, learn from all, and innovate for transformative logistical solutions with open minds


At the heart of our achievements lies the power of teamwork, blending diverse abilities for impactful results

Our Impact

Over the past two years, Moveit has proudly contributed to the creation of over 200 full-time positions. However, our measure of success extends far beyond numbers. Our core mission revolves around enriching communities and transforming lives.

Vendor Program

At the heart of our ethos lies the firm belief that talent is universal, transcending boundaries of social class or privilege. We have pioneered a groundbreaking approach via our innovative Vendor Program that extends opportunities far beyond conventional limits.

Through our program, we open doors for individuals from lower socio-economic backgrounds and those reliant on daily wages for their livelihood. Our aim goes beyond job creation; it’s about fostering a more inclusive and equitable society.

Employee Training & Development Programs

At Moveit, our team is not just employees; they are an extension of our family. We prioritize investing in comprehensive training and skill development programs, empowering every team member to thrive in their careers and lives.
Moving forward, our dedication to job creation and community empowerment stands unwavering. Together, we continue to forge a brighter future, one that’s built on the foundation of an equitable community, fair for all.