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Deliveries Made Easy
Like Never Before

From delivering local store items to picking up online purchases, we can moveit all for you! And guess what? All of this can be completed within an hour! So count on Moveit’s furniture-shifting services for effortless and quick transportation

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Storage Boxes

Store Deliveries

Car Transportation

Pets & Animals

Why Book a Truck with Moveit?


Purchase your favorite

household items from any local store and relax. We’ll deliver it to your doorstep in no time!


Get rapid delivery

 by our efficient furniture movers at a time that perfectly aligns with your schedule and convenience.


Our comprehensive insurance

plans fully support and protect your possessions, ensuring your peace of mind. 

How to Book a Truck Through our App?

Step 1

Choose the Service
You Want

Moving/Relocation is ideal if you want to move your entire house. However, if you want to move a single item, choose small moves.

Step 2

Add in All Your Details

Enter all the information regarding the move.

Step 3

Get Move Charges Within Seconds

Get a quick estimate of your move.

Step 4

Let us #Moveit

Once confirmed, let our reliable movers handle all the hassle while you relax.

Let Moveit Make Your Moves
Simple and Easy

If you’re seeking reliable furniture movers, you’re in the right place. As Pakistan’s best moving and shifting company, Moveit specializes in carefully handling your items ensuring a personalized moving experience.

From furniture shifting, and electronics moves, to store deliveries, every aspect of our services is customized according to customer’s needs.


Need a vehicle for your mobility needs? If yes, then you’re at the right place.

MoveIt understands the needs of its customers when it comes to vehicle requirements for their moves. Whether you need a vehicle for your business logistics or personal transportation, we’ve got you covered. So, enjoy a smooth booking now, and let our movers handle the hassle for you!

Loader Rickshaw

Ideal for smaller loads and intra-city transport needs.

Loading Capacity: Up to 800 kg

Suzuki Pickup

Suitable for intercity business moves, cargo, and house shifting requirements.

Loading Capacity: Up to 1 ton


Perfect for medium-sized cargo and city-to-city deliveries.
Loading Capacity: Up to 2.5 tons


Suited for larger loads and city-to-city transport.
Loading Capacity: Up to 10 tons

20 Feet Container

Ideal for extensive shipments and commercial goods.

Loading Capacity: Up to 15 tons and 40 tons respectively

40 Feet Container

Best for heavy-duty mobility needs and oversized cargo.

Loading Capacity: Up to 60 tons


Ideal for extensive shipments and commercial goods.

Loading Capacity: Up to 15 tons and 40 tons respectively

Why Choose Moveit for Inter & Intracity Moves?


Affordable pricing

Stress-free logistics solutions tailored to your budget.


On-time delivery

Experience reliable moving services with just a tap.


Efficient Moving
for Your Move

Efficient moving, and premium packaging for your peace of mind.

Want to know the cost of booking a truck? Download our app now and get live offers within seconds!

Move Anything, Anywhere

Moveit has experience with a wide range of relocations, including:

House Moves

Apartments Moves

Office/Corporate Moves

International Moves

Influencers Moves

Finding high-quality, affordable house moving services in today’s market might take a lot of work. Hence, we have made it our goal, as a reliable house moving company, to deliver stress-free services that won’t cause you any worry and will guarantee a smooth transfer.


Can I schedule a “Book a truck” service for a specific time and date?

Absolutely! You can select your preferred time and date for your “Book a truck” service when booking us. We strive to meet your needs so that we can provide you with an effortless furniture-shifting service experience.

How are the fares calculated for “Book a truck”?

Fares for “Book a truck” are calculated based on several factors, including the distance, quantity of items, chosen vehicle size, and any additional services required e.g. loading and unloading.

In which cities do you operate?

We operate throughout Pakistan, covering key cities like Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad, and Multan. Thus, regardless of where you are, we can assist you to move to any destination! However, if you have particular relocation needs, please contact us, and we’ll strive to meet and exceed your requirements.

How accurate are the estimates on the mobile application?

The estimates in the app are quite accurate, however, they can vary up to 15-20% due to factors not considered in the initial calculation. These could include extra luggage or other services. It might also depict the fuel prices at the time.

Can I track the progress of the “Book a Truck” service?

Yes, you can track the progress of your moves through our app or by contacting our customer service representative for real-time updates on the status of your move.
We offer our customers a user-friendly app that allows them to track the progress of their moves effortlessly. All you have to do is simply log in to the app and get quick access to real-time updates on the status of your belongings.

Other than this, if you prefer a more personalized experience, our customer service representatives are available to provide detailed information about your move. Feel free to contact our representatives anytime Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm.

Is packing included in “book a truck”?

We offer loading and unloading services to ensure smooth transportation of your belongings in “book a truck”. However, please note we only provide our extensive packing and unpacking services for house relocations. Our moving company aims to help its customers with every part of their move, our professional packing and unpacking service is designed to meet the specific needs of house relocations.