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A Truck as big as you need

Ranging from Pickup Trucks to 40ft XL Trucks.


Suzuki Pickup or a similar compact vehicle for small moves and store moves. Ideal for moving single large items. 


Shahzore or similar truck perfect for carrying stuff for a full room, kitchen, living room, etc. 


Mazda or similar trucks. Ideal for moving full flats, single-story homes, full offices, or very large single items.

Extra Large

40ft or a similar truck, ideal for moving entire homes, big offices, entire warehouses, or large hardware equipment.

What our customers say!

Waliya NajibDigital Creator

It was really fun getting to know the team during the project. They were all helpful in answering my questions and made me feel completely at ease. The design ended up being twice as good as I could have ever envisioned!

Maha ChishtiFounder, Mahnush

Mahnush recently got our heavy shipment through MoveIt and it has been a great experience overall. Everything was hassle-free and dealt with professionally and delivered on time. Thank you we would like to partner with you again.

Ayesha SohailInfluencer

The team helped me move my stuff from one city to another in just three days. Also, they were super hassle-free, super friendly, and even with the extreme weather conditions, they were able to deliver.

Mujtaba Ali ButtCustomer

Thank you so much for such an amazing service. The team was really supportive throughout the process. They are really hardworking and you guys are doing an amazing job. Thank you, it felt like a family. Your support helped us a lot.


Partnership with MoveIt has proved to be of strategic value to Bazaar, it supports its clients on their journey through reliable and efficient service quality.

Ali Gul PirMusician & Actor

I needed to temporarily move my things for house renovation. The MoveIt team came and they packed everything without any issues. You can even track your things to another city, it is easy and amazing. I highly recommend it.

Ali RanaSupply Manager, Airlift

MoveIt, managed by a dynamic team, is reshaping Pakistan's trucking industry and start-up scene. Outperforming competitors, they genuinely understand customer challenges and promptly address them, regardless of their complexity.

Tayyaba AkbarCustomer

Thank you so much for delivering the cakes I've sent safely! I’m truly a satisfied customer. I will be using your service for all my cake deliveries Insha’Allah.

Umair IftikharCustomer

Thank you very much for the great service. Your estimation regarding transportation and manpower was spot on. The shifting was done in a time-efficient manner.

Urooj FatimaDigital Creator

Love the whole experience. The whole team was efficient and made the whole process look effortless.

Izzah Shaheen MalikDigital Creator and Cinematographer

A big thanks to the MoveIt team for helping me. I had to move everything alone but MoveIt saved the day made everything so easy. The team is super professional and they know everything. I was so relaxed while they packed everything. They wrapped everything in 4 hours!

Khaqan Shah NawazVideo Creator

Moved to Karachi a few months ago and you all know moving to another city is never easy. Lucky for me, I found MoveIt. They were very professional, and they packed everything with care. They also set it up perfectly in my new place. I highly recommend MoveIt

Mrs. Imran UppalCustomer

I had a great experience with the crew, they were extremely professional, worked hard, and were prompt with time. Everything was taken well care of and delivered scratchless. They made the stress of moving smooth. I’m extremely satisfied.

Have Questions?

What services do you offer?

We provide two comprehensive services. Relocation services include packing, unpacking, labor, and vehicles for all types of spaces. Our trained labor and professional packaging materials ensure a smooth relocation experience. For on-demand booking 24/7, we offer Suzuki, Shehzore, and Mazda vehicles, which are provided within 45-60 minutes, with higher rates applicable for on-demand vehicles.

In which cities do you offer your services?

We provide relocation services in Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi, and are available to assist you in moving to any destination from these locations. Whether it’s shifting from Islamabad to Abbottabad or any other place, our team is here to help. If you have a specific relocation requirement outside the mentioned cities, please contact us, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Could you provide me with the details of your charges for packing, loading, unloading, and transportation services?

The charges depend on the specific items you want to shift. Once we discuss your requirements in detail, our representative will provide you with a customized package that includes the overall cost of your relocation. Feel free to contact us to receive a personalized quote tailored to your needs.

Could you kindly provide me with your contact number?

To get a quote, you can contact our representative on WhatsApp on this number +92-335-2302050. For updates, you can follow us on our socials: Instagram , Facebook , Twitter , and LinkedIn

Do you provide insurance coverage for items during the relocation process?

Certainly! We offer insurance coverage for your items. For more details and specific information about our insurance services, please contact our dedicated representative at +92-335-2302050. They will assist you and provide you with all the necessary information you need regarding our insurance coverage.

What is the moving process?

Our moving process begins with a survey to assess your relocation needs. This is an on-site visit (our team comes to your location to inspect the items).

When is the recommended timeframe to contact you before the move?

You need to contact us at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled move. This will allow us to adequately prepare and ensure a smooth relocation process for you.